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Some Posts are "Protected" and require a password to gain access. Competitors shootng in thes programs will be given the password.

Waiting List for Membership

The next applications that will be eligible for club membership are dated as being received in October 2018.  Those individuals will be called after the first week in October 2019 as openings become available.  All applications will be called in the order they were received.  At least two attempts will be made to contact those on the waiting list when an opening is available.

If you submitted an application prior to October 2018 and you were not invited to join, it means we tried to call you twice.  If you supplied an email, we tried that too. Since your application had ineffective contact information, you were removed from the waiting list and will have to reapply.  Any new applications will be placed on the waiting list in the order they are received.

Each year in October approximately 80 members do not renew their membership and the people on the waiting list are contacted.  You can still come and participate in any of our open shoots. We have 22 rifle silhouette open league, women’s open pistol shooting, and a just for fun trap shooting. Click here to find out more.

You can come have fun while you wait for your membership.

Last updated 08/11/2019

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