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Protected Posts

Some Posts are "Protected" and require a password to gain access. Competitors shootng in thes programs will be given the password.

Important Updates

Workers on Ranges: When workers are present on the shotgun range, or any other range, working or not, there shall not be any shooting or handling of firearms on the shotgun or plinking ranges. If you have any questions contact the Executive Officer.

Badin Clay Busters start shooting trap Thursday May 28th. 6ft distancing and masks recommended [posted 5/19/20]

The Club House opened May 1st for general use but NOT for normal monthly business meetings. Please follow the Club House Guidelines: Stay the recommended 6ft. distance, wear masks and no more than 10 people in the club house at a time.

Indoor range guidelines: No more than 4 people shooting (1 shooter every other firing point), maintain 6ft. distancing and wearing of masks.

Outdoor ranges open: The Outdoor ranges are open for all types of shooting including sanctioned matches. Recommended 6ft. distancing and wearing of masks. It is up to the sanctioned match shooter coordinator to decide if they want to have matches at this time and any additional safety precautions.

Please follow all the recommended safety rules.

The Junior Rifle Program has been cancelled including the banquet on March 30th. We plan to reschedule the banquet later in the year.

Outdoor Pistol matches start May 19th. The normal outdoor course of fire which is 60 shots .22, 60 shots centerfire and 60 shots .45, but is subject to change

The Ladies Thursday night Outdoor Pistol starting time now 5:30 PM due to the 6ft. distance rule.