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Some Posts are “Protected” and require a password to gain access. Competitors shooting in these programs will be given the password.

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A membership initiation fee of $100.00 + tax will be assessed to each new member and yearly dues of $75.00 + tax.

Any person 18 years of age or older of good character may submit an application for membership. All applicants MUST have a club member sponsor them to be considered for membership, and maintain a constant membership to either the National Rifle Association or the National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association.  Applicants should arrive at the club the 1st or 3rd Thursday of the month no later than 7:00 pm to fill out an application form.  Currently there is a waiting list to join.  When an opening is available, the next eligible applicant is contacted to pay appropriate fees, receive an Orientation sign off card, and take part in the first of two parts of orientation. (Orientation requirements will be discussed at time of application.)

At the next regular scheduled meeting the membership will vote on the applicant’s approval. Prior to this meeting, or following, the applicant must complete the 2nd part of the orientation. The applicant must contact a BCSC approved Range Officer (Phone #’s of officers located on bulletin board in rear of clubhouse) and demonstrate to the officer their knowledge of proper use and safety practices of firearms. Once the applicant has demonstrated to the BCSC Officer they can safely shoot a firearm, the Officer will sign off on the Orientation card. This completes the 2nd part of orientation. The Orientation card is then given to the Membership Secretary, who will then issue to the applicant a membership card. NO EXCEPTIONS will be given.

The Butler County Sportsmen are dedicated to providing all the members and the community a safe, clean, and friendly environment. Come see all that we have to offer!

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