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Protected Posts

Some Posts are “Protected” and require a password to gain access. Competitors shooting in these programs will be given the password.

.22 Rifle Silhouette

The shoot is open to the public.

The .22 caliber rifle silhouette matches are Friday evenings starting at 6:00pm. The matches  are shot outdoors May through September, and indoors October through April. The rifle can be any safe .22 rimfire rifle with iron or telescopic sights. 40 shots are fired for record, 20 shots offhand at the chickens and pigs, and 20 shots prone off of cross sticks or a bi-pod at the turkeys and rams. Unlimited sighting shots may be taken. Swinging steel targets are used outdoors and spotters are allowed and recommended. Paper targets are shot indoors and no spotters.  Total possible score 40, but if you shoot the entire match offhand you get 2 extra points, and if you use iron sites instead of a scope you get 1 extra point. Ties are broken indoors by the “X” count (The hole is totally in the black).  The current entry fee is $1.50 and is used to pay for targets and prize money. Prize money is paid to the top 50% of the shooters.  Each year in October after the annual banquet there will be a business meeting to discuss and vote on any proposed rule changes.