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Some Posts are “Protected” and require a password to gain access. Competitors shooting in these programs will be given the password.

Outdoor Monday Evening Prone Program

General Program Rules

1. All matches are held at the Butler County Sportsmen Club, 2131 Millville Ave, (St Rt129) Hamilton, Ohio, 45013. Matches are open to BCSC members and non members.

2. Match fees are $4.00 per Metallic Sight Match, and $4.00 per Any Sight Match. Match fee must be paid upon registration. There is also a one time annual registration fee of $10.00 per shooter, which covers postage and banquet, and is payable after three matches are fired.

3.Starting time for the first relay is 1:00 pm.

4.Club rules require eye and ear protection of all competitors while firing is in progress.

5.The current NRA Smallbore rules govern our matches. (Exception: we allow Moonlight Targets)

6. In order for a match to be considered official, a minimum of three shooters must compete on a given match date.

7. Makeup Matches– club shooters will be permitted to fire makeup matches. Makeup matches may only be fired to allow the shooter to reach the ten match minimum. Makeup matches must be fired at 100 yards and the shooter will pay $4.00 for each makeup. When two matches are fired on the same evening, the first score will count for that weeks match, and the second will be the makeup.

8. Metallic Sight/Any Sight option. Each competitor will have the option of shooting a Metallic Sight Match and/or an Any Sight Match. Separate statistics will be maintained for each discipline. Competitors may fire both matches on each date. Those who wish to shoot both matches must arrive early enough to allow completion on time.

9. Weather. No match will be postponed unless weather conditions become severe. It will be the determination of the club officers present whether to fire the match or postpone it. In the event of showers, shooters should still proceed to the range, because we will conduct the match if the weather clears.

10. Camp Perry. The club will sponsor a team to compete at Camp Perry if there are enough club members present to form a team.

11. Junior Category– Junior shooters are encouraged to compete, and may do so at the reduced fee of $3.00 per match. The high scoring junior will receive an award based on completion of ten matches.

12.Classification. Competitors with a BCSC Prone Classification from 2011 or 2010, latest to apply, will be considered to have a valid classification. New competitors or those who do not have a current BCSC classification will be classified for the current season based
upon the average of the first three matches fired in club competition. Shooters will not be reclassified at the end of the season unless they have fired in a minimum of three matches during the season.

13.Awards. For all end of season awards, you must shoot in a minimum of ten matches during the season. If you shoot in more than ten matches, your highest ten record scores will be used to determine standings. For a second place class award there must be six shooters in the class. For third place there must be 11 in the class. Marksman class will automatically pay two places if two are eligible. Weekly awards will also be paid based upon the number of shooters in that match.