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Women’s Instructional Pistol Program

NOTICE TO ALL WOMENClub members and non-members, 18 years +

Enjoy with us, the sport and challenge of pistol shooting by developing and/or sharpening your knowledge, skills and confidence in safe handling of handguns by participating in the WOMEN’S PISTOL LEAGUE!

Scheduled shooting dates are the second and fourth Thursdays monthly at 6:30 p.m. – indoor range @ 50 feet October through March, and outdoor covered range @ 25 yards May through August.

Handguns used are .22 caliber pistols, revolver or semi-automatic, with iron sights or electronic red-dot sights. NRA Bullseye pistol shooting guidelines and targets are used, developing skills based on a high premium of accuracy.

The two-handed grip is practiced, which is used in most pistol shooting activities. It provides more control of the firearm, steadier aiming, better recoil absorption, and stronger gun retention.

A nominal fee for targets provided is paid by shooters, who purchase their own ammunition.

Three Range Officers lend their various levels of knowledge and skills in developing hands-on training and confidence in the safe handling/firing of a pistol.

Whether a new or an experienced shooter, you’ll quickly discover that pistol shooting is fun! It’s a sport that requires good hand/eye coordination, mental concentration, and discipline.

Shooters become good by practicing. The Women’s Pistol League provides a safe, positive and rewarding setting in which women can learn and sharpen marksmanship skills, and much more. Come and join in with us, and see for yourself.

For information, contact the following Range Officers:

Beverly Flaig (513) 300-3071 / Lindsey Thome (256) 468-9857 / Jim Flaig (513) 708-0449